His short stories are well-recognized internationally for his unique prose style. nasar_peace@hotmail.com

By: Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

Photo Credit: Wadi Lissa on Unsplash

Dear First World, Salute to you
Accept humble bow, from the Third World.
Thank you for the great lectures for **** idiots.
Heads hung low, wide-eyed,
we clapped.

You sold us your notion of humanity,
we lived in a barbaric world.
You bombed to end the atrocities.
The boisterous…

Death is freeing MWC Death

Image by Milos Duskic from Pixabay

An old author, made feeble by the hardships of life, lay on his death bed. His hair was a mess, a little greasy, like he had his hand through it all night. He moved his hand over the blanket, back and forth and buried his face in the pillow. On…

Satirical Short Story

Photo Credit: Justin Shanes on Twitter

At last the big and barren graveyard was decided to be the best and safe place for the decisive session of noble dogs. It was a unique event of dog-history that they were united and strongly convinced that everything in the human world was rotten, false and disgusting. Experience brought…

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

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